Visitation Form (Study Tour)

Local government, educational institutions, management and staff of nurseries and media representatives (including overseas organizations) may apply.

Besic Terms

Visitation Hours 10:00 〜 15:00
Facilities available to visit Please view our list of facilities
Number of visitors
Max: 30 persons:
There may be a limit on the number of visitors allowed in the classrooms at one time.
Depending on the facility, the maximum number of visitors allowed may be capped at 10 people.
Meals We do not offer meals, nor a place to eat during your visit.
Photography Digital cameras may be used, no smart phone picture taking is allowed.
Please refrain from taking photos of the children’s faces.
Study Tour Types 1. Study Tour
2. Study Tour and Q&A
3. Study Tour, Q&A and Lecture
※ Depending on your request, certain costs may result.
Points to note 1. To avoid loss or destruction, please refrain from touching any of the children’s artwork or constructions.
2. You may touch or hold the toys, but please place them back where they originally were.
·Please apply 3 months in advance via online.
·We will grant or refuse your request within 2 weeks of your application. (We cannot accept your request if your identity cannot be confirmed)
·Please include a functional email address when you apply.

Application form

Please check the visitation conditions and fill in the application form.
We will not use your personal information for any other reason than to process your request.

Study TourStudy Tour and Q&AStudy Tour , Q&A and Lecture